#hellofriday pop corn, pool party, Pachyan

#hellofriday pop corn, pool party, Pachyan

 Author: Ani Smbati

While everyone are fascinated by following the Holy Father's "second coming", we, looks like, forget that today is the last Friday of June. No, no! Don't worry, take a breath and let's planning together your summer's first month last weekend. 

17:00 | Sector Dacha


In Sector Dacha Friday evening is starting from 17։00. And inasmuch there is three most popular Armenia's DJ's have been playing for you: X40 (17:00-19:00), Serjo (19:00-21:00) and Arman (21:00:23:00). After Midnight hot Back-Back times has coming: Take into the account that the entrance is by guest-list. See what you do for that.

19:00 | Jean-Paul Existential Cafe

Rock&Pop Corn Day

- Say something about your life. - Adi budi. Stupid humor, but however, who actually hate that "exploded" corn? So, Jean-Paul prepared for us a very interesting event with unlimited, free and different flavors Popcorn, which will wait for you right at the entrance. A beat of rock and jazz also prepared for you.  

20:00 | AGBU Yerevan

Talking Jazz

Musical evenings at AGBU new building (Melik-Adamyan 2/2) is a good tradition of organization. But this Friday they decided to organize jazz concert instead of classical music.Inimitable Vahagn Hayrapetyan and young talent from USA, guitarist Alex Baboyan will perform for you. Entrance is free, but places are limited, so, go ahead!



21:00 | Stoyka


Once again, Stoyka. Once again, OLO, Once again, 1000 AMD for entrance, free with ZAKAYF cards. Face control by Anushik. Music by Aro, drinks by Jojo. Candrics are waiting for you.  

21:00 | Downtown club


This weekend's "formula 1" belongs to Downtown and Paparazzi:

Friday – Araqel, Nancy, Mad

Saturday – The Never

21:00 | Paparazzi club


Paparazzi celebrating its opening anniversary.


Friday – Alen Hertz, DJ Guevo, DJ Shant, Mike J

Saturday – Teo, Mike J

22:00 | Process


Process awaiting for your with jazz music both Friday-Saturday. The special guests is Chico with his new trio. The jazz's of this amazing band serves as an emergency from last weekend's Absolut White's "Aper, calm down", "Aziz what you want to drink?" rabiz quotes.

Friday – Jazz It Up With Lucy

Saturday – Chico’s New Trio (21:00)


Շաբաթ, հունիսի 25 Saturday, June 25

12:00 | "Zvartnoz" complex 


Let's swim. Why not? Wheather is like dictator, he don't want to calm down. We become London Two. But afternoon's hat step-by-step becomes annoying, and If we haven't chance to go sea trip, there is one alternative for that - pools. Vardavar? We have one week! Ok, I talk about pool party season is opening now. And in "Zvartnoz" complex (Manushyan street, next to the Zvartnoz temple's ruins). If you are the one who active enjoying supporter, don't be lazy, go there. The pool, DJ's music from Loop Sahakyan, Donz, Arvin, Kret, Mad, Nancy, and photosessions are waiting for you. 

18:00 | The Museum of Modern Art

Narine and Kiki

Finally there is a fresh exhibition opened in the Museum of Modern Art. On this Saturday musuem launches the expo of Narine's (Narine Isanjanyan) and Kiki's (Grigor Miqaelyan) works. They are both from USA. Both abstract-expressionists. Narine and Kikik has involved in "Bunker" artistic crew both with Armenian and Russian abstract artists. 

Sunday, June 26

23:00 | PLATO Yerevan

Ruben Filyan: A biography of crazy wanderings

This is last lyrical intermezzo. Everyone knows Aram Pachyan. If you aren't familiar with him, It means that you need to go to bookstore and buy his works (they are only 3). Aah, ok, ok. This event not closely related with Aram, but with efforts of the writer. Pachyan is going to represent one of the unique authors of Armenian Prose - the pioneer of his times most progressive subculture - Ruben Filyan, who dies in his 30's in the paradise of hippies, Inidia's Goa state. During the evening you can enjoy the red wine, meet with the world of Filyan. Right at the end of event Aram give a gift for you - 10 books of Filyan. 




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