Progress. a new fitness club in Abovyan

Progress. a new fitness club in Abovyan

Healthy lifestyle is something today all of us need. Starting yesterday, in Abovyan city Progress fitness club opened its doors to public. This place is a unique one, where not only people from Abovyan can come and train, but also people from Yerevan and other cities. 

There was an open day at Progress on the first day, where customers could come and have a look and be introduced to the services. 

There is also an option to get a massage in here, as after the exercises, you might want to relax.

For men there are many activities and very interesting ones. You can train in here, if you are a beginner and also a professional. This is just a great place for people who love to train.

Progress fitness club's fitness branding was done by Reservin Armenia. 









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Սեդա September 1, 2016

Մերսի բոլորին
Susanna September 1, 2016

Anpayman kaycelem,,,nkarnerov shat vogeshnchveci.
Sahak September 1, 2016

Der erku angam em hascrel aycelel.bayc vstahem,da sharunakakan bnuyt kunena,Amen inch shat harmar e ev gexecik
Suren September 1, 2016

Amen inch shat harmar e arvac..Treynernern el shat lav en tirapetum masnagitutyan@,Shnorhakal em,
Lusine September 1, 2016

Arden mek amis e hachaxum em,Ardyunqneric shat goh em.Shnorhakal em boloric.
Лиана September 1, 2016

Все супер,Спасибо команде за то что они меня терпят )))
Սիրան September 1, 2016

Հիասքանչ վայր է ․խորհուրդ եմ տալիս բոլորին․,
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