Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

This dish is a very original and popular one in Russian, and even to the point of not having holidays without this dish. It is called '' селедка под шубой''.

Russian cuisine is very various. It is prepared with apple, sour cucumber and eggs. In Armenia, we also cook it, but without fish. By the way if you prepare it in the night and leave it till the morning it becomes more tasty. You should really try it. 

For 6 people you will need:

beet – 300 grams  - 200 AMD

carrot – 200 grams -100 AMD

potatoes – 200 գր -100 AMD

greens – half bunch  - 50 AMD

mayonnaise – 0,5 - 200 AMD

herring – half - 400 AMD      

Salt, pepper.

Costs: 1050 AMD

Duration of cooking: 40 minutes

Actually I add a bit sour cucumber, but to be honest I forgot about it this time :)

Boil the beet, potato and carrot. Do this in different plates, so the color won't spread. Grate all of them and put them in different plates.

Put on the table the beet and start to give it a shape of triangle, than add carrot and potato and also give them the shape of triangle. After that add the fish which is already clean. 

Start to roll all of them, like a sushi, It actually looks like sushi, don't you agree? 










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