"Likbez" for Restaurants in Yerevan

"Likbez" for Restaurants in Yerevan

A quality restaurant is a place where one can have not only joyful time, but at the same time use it productively. People who visited such a restaurant mainly demand  both cases. In Armenia the visitors have no problem in choosing places: the list of the restaurants in the country is so big, that one can become entangled in the proposals. And anyway, only the restaurants, where there are pleasant atmosphere, music, quality food and superior service, enjoy the love coming from the customers. Not everyone succeeds in combining all this in one. Researches show that every Armenian visits public places at least twice in a week. People mostly visit cafes and restaurants to communicate and converse with each other. Of course, they also often organize business meetings and conduct various talks. According to data, among 18-25 year olds, women visit restaurants more frequently than men. The same thing goes for 26-39 year olds. Among the 40-60 year olds, women give way to men. Perhaps it will take long time for the Armenian to properly assess the restaurants’ atmosphere and its importance in our social life.

However, the same researches have shown that the average amount spent in public place does not go above 5 000 AMD, more precisely, a visit to a restaurant costs from 3 000-5 000 AMD. In Yerevan healthy and delicious meal can be found in many public places. In fact, many tourists visited Armenia note that Armenian cuisine is on its high level, people here are hospitable, generous and especially love to feed the guests with national dishes. At the same time, according to managers of restaurants, traditional dishes are greatly popular only among tourists. Dolma, Ghapama, Kofta, Harrisa, and other dishes are being ordered basically by them. Armenians prefer the dishes of the Lebanese, Chinese, French and Italian cuisines. 

Moreover, no matter how strange it is, for example from French cuisine Armenians prefer frog legs. According to the managers of Chinese restaurants, from Chinese cuisine Armenians prefer rice with vegetables, chicken in sour-sweet sauce and "Fnse" salad. In recent years, in connection with the mass immigration of Syrian Armenians, here in Armenia and particularly in Yerevan, the number of Syrian restaurants significantly increased. From Lebanese cuisine Armenians prefer chicken breast called "Shish-taouk" spiced with Lebanese spices, as well as gata and humus.

As for the restaurant's pricing policy, here everything is much more chaotic. The price of the same Americano coffee varies in different restaurants from 700 to 1800 AMD. Not only the order influences on the pricing, but also the location, interior and service level of the restaurant. In Yerevan almost all restaurants have special offers for lunch, plans made for both corporate or business meetings and for family gatherings.

Thus, the restaurants in Yerevan are rich with cuisines and full of differences in the interior. "Where to go to have both enjoyable and productive time?". In this case, such question, at least, is rhetorical, because, as the folk wisdom says: “every man to his own taste”.


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