Goods from Waters

Goods from Waters

The general goal of food is to be useful for a human’s organism. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to follow this rule and some food, that at first glance looks very healthy, may unwillingly become an undesirable ones.

Sometimes the seafood, which without thinking can be classified as healthy food, contains a full bouquet of metals, industrial waste, parasites and pesticides. All this certainly will bring nothing useful to one who enjoys the fish.

So before buying seafood You should either test it 10 times then buy, or follow our advices.

Remember, fish quality criterion can be given only in specialized fish-stores. The quality level of fishes, sold in markets or on the street, moreover, in boxes located on sidewalk, usually is several times lower than ones sold in stores However, everything is relative.

The live fish floating in the aquariums of large stores are not always healthy. After taking the fish out of its natural environment, certain rules are obligatory during the transportation as well as for future keeping and care. There are many details: the water temperature, quantity of salts, chlorine content in aquariums must not exceed the norm.

In many supermarkets of landlocked country, however, there is no shortage of seafood and ocean delicacies. Of course, they are sold in frozen state. While buying such seafood first You should pay attention to the production date, and then know from what country it was imported.

Frozen fish are often melted and frozen again. This dishonest method allows the producers or shopkeepers to extend the product's life several months more. If inside the packaging there are noticed pieces of ice, frozen blood spots or a deformation of the product, then we can surely say that the storage conditions were violated. Such product is unusable. It should be noted that in many countries storage life of fresh frozen seafood is only 14 days.

By following to the advices above You'll not only satisfy Your palate, but also will be thanked by Your organism.


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