Artashi Mot: Shaurma in Yerevan

Artashi Mot: Shaurma in Yerevan

Author: Nune Aylanjian

It has been a while, when people who ate shaurma were only men who were fat and didn’t care about their figure. Nowadays everyone eats shaurma regardless of their gender and social belonging. If you haven’t seen stylish man or a high heel wearing girl eating shaurma, than you will have a chance in a future.  The dish which has Arabic origins is very tasty and is prepared in a very short while. 

The most tasty shaurma can be tasted first in Arabic and than in American countries. For example n Dubai, the most popular place is called  Al Mallah كافتريا الملاح, here you can tasty shaurma in cheese. There is a very unique tradition, you have to finish shaurma with 3 bites and eat it only when it is warm. 

But, of course Armenian shurma is something different, as everything in our country. For example it is hard to imagine how it is possible to have a shaurma restaurant in US named ‘’Mark Twain’’, but yet here in Yerevan we have places such as ‘’Tumanyan shaurma’’ ‘’Mashtots shaurma’’. But this is another subject of discussion. And now let’s talk about ‘’Artashi mot’’ shaurma, which has nothing to do with Artashes king. But you can also say, that here the shaurma which is served is royal.  But there are pluses and minuses of the place. 




Portions are big: Here is very important thing, the portions are very big. There are also a lot of sauces which you can add to shaurma.

Juiciness: I have tried a lot of shaurmas in my life and know, that they can be very juiceless.  And here you can eat great juicy shaurma. Taste is very unique and you want to come back and try again.

Fast: Here are the most quick specialists, who also make a performance our of the making process, like bartenders.

Ladies first: Men here who stand in the queue never complain and the staff members do their best to try and serve women first.

No Wi Fi: This could be a minus for a lot of people, but not here.  It is well known, that while eating you have to focus on your dish and not to check out your Facebook feed. Here you do have that opportunity.

Air Conditioning:  95% you will get out of here clean and not smelly. Here air conditioning is working.

Cozy atmosphere: Here gather people who love shaurma. You can find here also a TV which gives an impression, that you are home, and want to say ''give me the remote to turn up the sound''. 





Hair: Yes, and twice I found hair in my shaurma. This could be a reason to make a scandal. Anyway you can just tell the staff about it, so that other customers won’t notice.

Brooming: It is very uncomfortable, when you are eating to watch the staff is brooming the floor.

Old Fashioned interior: Sometimes you get an impression, that there is something on your chair and it seems disgusting.  It is time to change them.

Parking: People can only park here, if they are very and very lucky, cause there is no parking lot in here. But on the other hand, walking is a good idea after eating. 



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Garik April 19, 2016

Areg ete texty ushadir kardas khaskanas vor graca chka wifi
Նարեկ April 18, 2016
հայերենա գրած... հիմա այցելենք Սպենդիարյան փողոցում գտնվող «Արտաշի մոտ»
Areg April 18, 2016

Garik Spendiaryani vra chka wi fi, minchev comentely karda.
Karen April 18, 2016

Երվանդ Քոչարի մասնաճյուղում, առկա է և wifi-ը և կայանատեղին, քննադատելուց առաջ լավ է, բոլոր ինֆոն հստակ ճշտել, կամ հստակեցված և փաստերով խոսել:
Garik April 18, 2016

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