Kharabagh food

Kharabagh food

Today we celebrate the liberation of Shushi and Reservin Armenia decided to investigate what people eat in Kharabagh.

Here the cuisine is very rich and is a great part of the culture. Dishes are prepared from meat, vegetables. The most popular dish is Jengyalov hats. 

This is a very famous dish here. It is made of 20 plants that grow in here. They cook it on a special thing which is called ''saj'', after it is ready they add the plants in it.

Korkos is also a very popular dish in here, they also call it Kurkus. It has a very long process of preparation. They leave the pork for night to rest and also add wheat. They make it with duck meat as well. 

Vegetables are popular here as well. Here you can eat pirpert, seedlings which are boiled in a special way for about few hours. Terterum is also a dear dish here and of course gata.

Chicken special dishes are made here, that have very unique recipe, dolma, xash and barbecue as well taste different in here.


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