If smoke bothers you: how to get rid of it

If smoke bothers you: how to get rid of it


Author: Nune Aylanjian 

''Smoking is bad for your health'' banners  must be torn and thrown to garbage.  As everyone knows that, but they still continue to smoke. People smoke, as it is a part of their life, they relax or gain confidence.

In our city people smoke everywhere at the bus stops, clubs even in subways.  In many European countries it is not allowed to smoke in public restaurants and at work.  There are even countries, where it is prohibited to smoke in your own balcony.  And in Ireland, which is homeland to pubs, you can’t smoke in pubs. 

In Britain you can’t smoke in restaurants, bars and even in jail. The fine will be from 30 to 200 pound sterling. They also have a law according which you are not allowed to smoke in a car if there is a child there. 

In Armenia the non-smokin law was adopted on March 1st in 2005 and was to go on circulation starting March 1st 2006. But the law never worked as we have what we have. Accorfing to that law, you couldn't smoke in public places, airports etc. If you are stuck in a place where people smoke and you don't want to leave, there are some tricks you can do to get rif of the smoker. 

Cough: Everyone coughs, especially when they can't stand the smoke. This trick works, especially in pubs. Just start to cough, not very loud of course. The smoking person will understand and stop or go to other place. 

Move the ashtray: This works when you are at the bar. You slightly move it and it's a good hint, that you don't smoke and can't stand anyone who is smoking and you use it only to throw napkins. But in order not to be rude, smile. 

Moves: Make weird moves, like something is not right. And you will have the attention and a slight hint and if the smoker asks whether it bothers you, just nod. 

Nose: Oh that nose.. Just press them, yes it is funny, but yet you will get rid of the smoker. This trick always works

Chat with bartender or waiter: Just say it out loud and don't be afraid, something like ''oh it's to hot and smoked in here''. Why not? Let them know and do something about it. 

Request: This always works. It's polite and effective, and you can also control the situation with request. Just ask them to move or stop smoking.

A little lie: This is the second part. Tell them to move away and promise you won't stay long and they can come back very soon. Instead enjoy your drink. 

If there are many smokers: If you are alone, and there are many smokers in the room, the best thing to do is to move yourself but if you are a rebel than call someone and try to do something about it. 

Girls, who smoke: This is a bit other case. As girls are more emotional and you can't predict how they will react. Just don't pay attention to them and pick up the greatest guy in the bar. 

Obsessive type: They are in love with smoking and will try to make you smoke as well. Don't do it be strong.


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