Eating & Smiling. 4 products for white teeth

Eating & Smiling. 4 products for white teeth

Having meal people often lose their sense of proportion using harmful products, or abuse the daily dose of coffee and tea. All this, of course, have negative impact on health, especially on the teeth. In this case, Reservin tried to find out which products are useful.


This juicy fruit contains many useful for teeth and gums the vitamins and minerals, that normalize the blood circulation in the gums, protect from inflammatory processes, strengthen gums, prevent the development of dangerous germs and help get rid of unpleasant odors in the mouth.


It stimulates the secretion of saliva, promotes natural cleansing of the oral cavity, as well as strengthening the health of the gums.


Citrus fruit have beneficial effect on the teeth and gums, protect the oral cavity against various inflammations, as well as excellent removing yellow plaque from tooth enamel.


It is an important source of Calcium. The most good is the use of hard cheeses. Milk and yogurt are also have positive effect on the human body, and  especially on strengthening the health of the gums and teeth, protect it from dark plaque, prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


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