The juicy, crispy-coated appetizing steak actually is not being prepared easy at all. Far from it, not all housewives are able to prepare at home, moreover, even the well trained chef cooks of expensive restaurants do not serve correctly prepared steak. Reservin tried to figure out what is the taste-secret of a real steak. While finding the answer we also revealed in what cafes do serve that best combination named price-quality. 

The only raw material for a real steak is the meat of a 1.5-2 year old calf. For making an incomparable steak only the 7-10% of the animal’s body is suitable, in particular, the vertical back muscles, and also the muscles of the upper part, where there is being formed the muscles we call “marbled meat”. The parts which have thin accumulations of fat are considered ideal raw for steak. Actually, the steak becomes so juicy, because of that melting fat during frying. The difference of steak types is mostly depends on raw materials’ features. Steak-lovers can say for sure what kind of steak lies there in their plate: Rib-eye, Cowboy, Machete, New-York, Filet Mignon, T-bone, Porterhouse, Tournedos and etc. There are a lot of names, and especially differences .  

To make an incomparable steak one need to know whether the animal grazed in a meadow or not. But even not all butchers know the answer to this question. There are many preconditions for making at least correct steak, for example, one should never use frozen meat. At the same time, the meat of just slaughtered animal is not suitable. For ideal steak one need kind of “mature” meat, which had been packed in vacuum at least for 21 days, at a temperature of 2-4 degrees. 

The last and the most important factor in making a quality steak is, of course, the method. For example, a piece of meat with the thickness of 2-5 cm. is impossible to fry on a pan. To get a juicy and soft steak one must encompass the juice accumulated in the meat in the coating. That’s why the meat is being roasted in a hot oven at 250˚and then is being transported into a pan with the temperature of 180˚

Unfortunately, the restaurants and cafes in Yerevan are known for their illiterate approach to steak-art. One cannot imagine, how we got surprised when during the interviews about steaks we discovered that by saying “steak” they understand a dish made from not only beef, but also pork, chicken, and just imagine, fish! Nevertheless, we managed to find cafe-restaurants in which the chef cooks have deep respect to that art called ''steak making''. 

Unfortunately, the restaurants and cafes in Yerevan are known for their illiterate approach to steak-art. 

Among Armenians the most popular type of steak is «T-bone», which is being served at least 4 restaurants: «Rossini», «La Cucina», «Merci gastro cafe», «Tomas Smoky Ribs». No less popular is «Filet Mignon» which can be tasted in «Merci gastro cafe», «Rossini» and «Tomas Smoky Ribs». Our meat lover nation can enjoy «Rib-eye» steaks in the restaurant of National Hotel, and in restaurant «Ankyun». But in Yerevan a real «Porterhouse» can only be enjoyed in Cofeeshop Company Yerevan.


And those establishments where there under the name of steak are being served fried dishes made from salmon, chicken or from the meat of other flying, floating, running species, should know that it is at least disrespect to this juicy, appetizing dish.


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Vardan. August 30, 2016

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