Around the world: Street food

Around the world: Street food

When you travel in different countries and cities, it is always very important to try the ''taste'' of the paricular city or country. When we ignore street food in other countries, we not only miss the chance to eat very tasty food, but also miss the chance to meet their culture. We offer you a quick look at #musteat food in foreign countries. 


Suppli means surprise, why? because you will surprisingly find mozzarella cheese in this dish. It is made of chicken, rice, meat, cucumber, tomato, and of course mozzarella cheese. So next time you are in Rome, try not only pizza, but also suppli.

Halo-Halo (MANILA)

This one is considered to be one of the craziest dishes in the world. It is made of milk and ice, but ingredients can also be coconut, sugar, caramel, sweet potato, ice cream and cream named flan. If you like to experiment go to Philippines and try this delicious dessert.


All vietnamese bread is called Banh mi. But now we speak about the sandwich. This sandwich will give you controversial feelings. It is made of pork, cucumber, salt carrot, horseradish, beef liver pate and mayonnaise. You can try it in many Western countries but the best is in Saygon.

Rou Jia Mo (KHIAN)

Rou Jia Mo is one of the ancient sandwiches. It is known for more than 2000 years. It has pork which is made in salt and cumin and pepper. You can taste in Beijing.


Pork is filtered in coconut milk and other spices. It is served with cucumber salad and sweat and sour sauce. This dish is very popular in Thailand.


The idea of the Al pastor taco came from Lebanon with immigrants. Initially it was made of lamb meat, but Mexicans changed it to pork and chili adding different spices. It is served with tortillas, onions and ananas.


In Southern America the motherland of Choripan is Argentina. It a sausage that is made of pork and beef. It is wraped in bread with garlic sauce. 


Espetinho means little skewer. It is made of pork or beef. It is served with spicy sauce and cheese. It is like Armenian barbecue.


Tagine is made of beef added vegetables and spices also cinnamon. You can find in in Morocco.


In Indian streets you can find many dishes, but this one is the most popular. It is boiled rice, vermicelli, vegetables, spices and Indian chutei. 


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