Investigations: Theater Gastronomia

Investigations: Theater Gastronomia

Author: Alla Zakaryan

Ever wondered, where the actors eat during rehearsals or where the audience grabs a bite during the breaks? 

Theater buffet is not only a non-gastronomic place, but it also is a venue for gossips and discussions. If for us this is a place, where we can grab a coffee, or eat something, for actors is the basic place where everything happens. Birthdays, celebrations and more events take place here, this is the central venue, where everything starts: brainstorming, discussions etc.  

Not long ago, buffets, were a perfect place, where people could meet, talk, enjoy a cup of coffee and of course talk to their favorite actors.

In Europe, durinf breaks the audience is served alcohol drinks: champagne, cognac et. But in our culture it is not acceptable, we overcame the era when Artashes  king was served Lucullus's head during the theater break. We surely overcame it, unlike the Europe. 

Russia has first class theater buffets, some of which are maybe better that Yerevan cafes.  

In theater art studio past and modern atmosphere are present. You can eat sandwiches, cupcakes and other tasty food. 

In theater ''Practic'' the view is very modern, you can sit and enjoy your coffee, eat something and even read a book. 

In Gogol center there is a fresh food and the menu updates often. 

In Chekhov theater the buffet is small, but there are many sits. You can enjoy here fast food as well. 

In Puppet theater, everything is made for kids. Tasty pizza, cakes, all that children love. Reservin visited all theatres, and in first place we went here. We were welcome here and no one asked why we wanted to know more about their buffet. Marine Stepanyan loves working with kids. 

The buffet is only open during the breaks. Of course here you can also find toys and accessories for kids, for example clown nose. There are also dolls in here. Our theater is as cool as Russian theater buffets. Kids will have a great time here. 

Other theaters didn't allow us to capture their buffets. in Hakob Paronyan theater, we were informed, that they don't have a buffet and in Gabriel Sundukyan theater we were definitely not welcomed. 

In Armenia, not many people visit theatres, and the performances are few. Maybe that's why theatre directors are not interested to have a good buffet. So this means you can only have a spiritual food in theatres. 


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