Let the open air parties begin

Let the open air parties begin

Spring is time of revival, fresh start and more dynamic lifestyle. In Yerevan, you can fill the sense of spring by seeing all outdoor cafes and restaurants. 

Reservin Armenia already went through Open air Yerevan mentioning all interesting places you can go. This time we will talk about open air parties, which are kickstarting in our city. We have these parties few years now, and it's become very popular and people just love it. 

el sky bar el sky bar

And here we have the first open air party at EL Sky Bar. Tomorrow, May 1st, starting 3 p.m. The Sunset will kick off. During the event most famous DJ's will perform: Donz, Serjo, Alen, Teo and XTRM. Guest will have free drinks till 4 p.m. EL Sky Bar is one of the most popular verandas in the city, and here fun and creative parties are organized. 

So it's official, Open air parties start in Yerevan. We will all have a great, fun and entertaining summer. 


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