Leave or not to leave, if leave, then how much

Leave or not to leave, if leave, then how much

If You nicely pay a restaurant bill and leave a bit to tea and while leaving the area, You hear the waiter stopping you saying that you forget to take some money out there, it means You're definitely in Japan.. Here people don't leave tips, of course if they don't want to openly offend the owner of the restaurant, hinting that the place has a meager menu or an unsightly look.

It is not so in Armenia. While paying if you don’t add at least 10% of the total bill, it would be better not to visit that place the next time. The waiters are not vindictive, maybe even will ask with a smile, "What may i take your order?", but the factor of risk is quite big that you're forever fixed as a greedy customer.

In general, tips really bother too much. All over the world this delicate question is treated very differently. In some countries, the fee for the service is not only desirable but even obligatory, so it is included in the main bill. In some countries, tips can be left by a credit card: one’s readiness and the tip’s amount is mentioned on a separate line.

And now about the amount. The biggest tips are left in US, about 15-25% of the total bill. Otherwise, the waiter will be deeply offended, will decide that it was not enough  once and for all that was not enough amiable, and maybe will leave that lucrative service field forever. That quite big tips greatly vary between the US states. The biggest tips are in Virginia, where they can reach up to 50% of the total bill. As a consolation to service workers of the different objects all over the world, it should be noted that the waiters working in the conditions mentioned above, do not get a fixed salary.

The coldhearted Europeans are not so generous as Americans,, that humble and modest 10% fully satisfies them to express their gratitude. Exceptions are The Portuguese and the Spanish, perhaps the most hot-blooded nations in European. But even they rarely go above 15%. The Waiters in Sweden are treated especially severely. Here the 5% as a tip is an indicator of generousness. To get rid of that bother about tips the smart Frenchmen include the tips in the total bill. It is about the 10-15% of the general amount. In fact, in this country а  status like tip is defined by the tax code. The Frenchmen even managed to develop the tip-Institute to perfection.

With few exceptions, it can be argued that all over the world the main source for the waiter’s income are tips. And although there is no any establishment where one is forced to leave tips, however, according to an unwritten law a client that just pays only the bill, is considered at least impolite. As if the cosmic justice is violated. From the other hand it is obvious in this situation everything is decided by the waiter. Because, as the old Armenian saying says, "sweet tongue lures the snake out of its cave." A Friendly and professional service definitely will make the wallet “lose some weight”.



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Mariam February 24, 2016
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