Apollo or steel Arni

Apollo or steel Arni

Today when updating your newsfeed Facebook, Instagram you can see how people train, go to the gym and how all this has become so popular. But of course, when the trouble comes Photoshop is there to help everyone to look perfect.

So it has become a fashion to go to the gym. And it is a good thing actually to see boys and girls working hard to have a beautiful figure. But there are couple of things that need to be said about being healthy and having a beautiful body. 

What comes first steroids or eggs?

Before posting photos on Instagram, first of all you must know the effective formula of having a great body. First of all say goodbye to chemical ingredients. All vitamins you need, you can find in eggs, vegetables, fruits and in meat. If you eat egg for a breakfast and vegetables for dinner, you will have all the vitamins without doubt. And you don't need extra things. 

Steel Arni is not very quick

Young generation thinks, that if you spend hours at the gym, than you will be flexible and a great body. Well that's not completely true as your muscles become more steel and they are not flexible. This is something that is a fact. The only thing you have to do is to have schedule with more exercises and flexible trainings. Only in this case you can be healthy and have a beautiful and flexible body. 

Simple plan

So here is what you have to do, you have to use the golden 3 rules. Which includes trainings 3 times a day. The first training will be in the morning, but the most important thing for this point is to be sure you body is awake. You can do several exercises and have a breakfast. After lunch you can have a 30 minute walk which is very healthy for you. And by walking, we mean really walking not going to cafe. And in the evening you must train hard to loose all calories, you gained during the day. And yes you can have fruits or matsun after that. 

P.S. But you must have a will for doing all this hard work. People run to the gyms only because they don't have the will, Be the change. 


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