Trump’s  syndrome or absurd debates …  Wait, World, we are busy, Trump is coming…

Trump’s syndrome or absurd debates … Wait, World, we are busy, Trump is coming…

Trump’s  syndrome or absurd debates …

Wait, World, we are busy, Trump is coming …

This is a second day after USA president election results  are announced but people still continue to debate and share their weirdest predictions and ideas about Donald Trump. There is an impression like the world was preparing for the election’s this kind of  conclusion a long time before. We did a small research in the internet to understand how much food sector consumers are interested in this debating stir. We discovered that our customers as well as many other people are curious in  Trump's debates but from another perspective.

Donald Trump has its own brand of stake and vodka production and the level of interest to this products grew up highly after the election.


Which kind of dishes does Donald Trump prefer?

Even if it looks very strange, this is a second day after the elections but we already can face so serious questions like which are the most preferable dishes of the new president and how people do criticize all this information. During one the interviews to CNN, Trump mentioned that he likes fast food places and even prefers the dish  ՛՛Fish Delight՛՛ the most  in McDonald's (there is no dish like ՛՛Fish Delight՛՛ in McDonald's menu but it is not excluded that after  people's so heated reactions this dish will be added in their menu :D)

Trump even took a picture in his personal plain and showed how much freely and openly he can eat any fast food. This picture of course rose a new wave of criticizing comments where people were discussing that actually fast food could not be eaten with fork and knife and this picture is just his new PR strategy step (as showed results of the elections  one of the quite productive PR steps) : Moreover, in one of the fast food chains like Burger King people can order the Trump's burger already.


Trump prefers meat dishes  without additives, this dishes are usually  in favor of people which are stand out  by their spontaneity and charisma, are active and self-confident.

Trump's being keen of   the  ice cream shows that he loves to be kind to people but not just genuinely kind. Ice cream lovers also have strive to perfection and have very good communication and management skills.

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