Tumanyan Shaurma

Tumanyan Shaurma

Author: Nune Aylanjian

First of all I would like to mention that, after the article about Mashtots shaurma, it was renamed Shaurma land. Don't know whether the article had its' influence or not, but Mashtots now can be relieved. Today we will talk about Tumanyan shuarma. Not sure that they will change the name, as they won a lot of prized with their name, but that this place is a great venue to have delicious food, that is for sure. So let's discuss Tumanyan shaurma.




CA works perfect: Summer is near, so AC is big deal for everyone. Here you can easily get cold, but definitely not hot. People know how to make it work. The atmosphere is like you are sitting in United States. 

Modern interior: This place looks great and you have the feeling to come and have here not only shaurma but breakfast and lunch. 

Mirrors, mirrors: Part of the walls here are covered by mirrors. This is a perfect tactics, as when people see themselves, they become more reserved. 

Meat: Here you can be sure, that you have a great shaurma with delicious meat.This is very important thing, that you don't have to check ingredients before eating. 

Non-stop control: Here no one will clean the floor in your presence. But you know staff cares about you and will clean after you are done. Don't need to bother about such things. 

Ice cream and fresh: If these things can bother in other places, here it is a great thing as fresh and ice cream is very very tasty. 




Bistro VS shaurmayanots: In many information desks this place is registered as bistro. And you will always be a place where people eat fast food. But this is nor right, as this place is just great. 

The bread is not enough: As an expert I can say, that this is true. They have to make it bigger. 

tshaurma.com: Here is what it says, when you go to their website «Site under construction. Please try again later».

Non-Armenian logo: For people who are hungry the logo of the place doesn't really matter. But I can't understand why they have a logo with Italian flag colors.


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