The art must purify people

The art must purify people

Elena was born in January 27, 1977 Severomorsk. Pseudonym “Vaenga” was given to her by her mother. The name comes from her native town Severomorsk and there was so called river near that town until 1951. Her real name is Elena Vladimirovna Khrulyova.

“The main aim of my creative life is to be sure that the audience sees and feels what I want to give.The audience cry and laugh at the same time listening  my songs, and  enjoy  a dramatic performance. I am a person of art and I breath with it. Each song has its own story. If my songs touched someone’s soul or heart and sometimes caused the sense of regret, I consider that I have reached my goal. The art must purify people”.

After graduating from St. Petersburg’s musical college, the department of piano, Elena studied at Theatrical Academy. She considers herself being  musician-“I am real with music, on the stage. Yes, there is some paradox. One must be real in life and play a little on stage. But I am just the opposite– I am real on stage, but I play a little in real life.”

This is how describes herself a Russian pop singer, musician, composer, actress and the winner of Chanson of the Year Elena Vaenga.

Though Elena has mentioned for several times, that she could hardly remember dates or numbers, but surely remembers the music of her first written song at the age of 9 on the basis of Esenin lyrics. It’s hard to understand in which musical genre she composes. Most of her songs are in folk-rock, but there are also ballads, urban romances, and chanson. There are no certain borders among her composing genres.

Talented artist concert will be held at Complex after Karen Demirchyan on September 14, 19:00 pm. The organizer of the concert is our partner Mezzo Production. This is her first hosting to Armenia and Reservin Armenia congratulates all the fans of the singer and wishing you have a good time.

For more information you can follow the link to Afish section and find out detailed info about events and tickets.


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