"I have always dreamed about visiting Armenia". Elena Vaenga's exclusive interview for Reservin Armenia

"I have always dreamed about visiting Armenia". Elena Vaenga's exclusive interview for Reservin Armenia

We met Elena Vaenga during our cooperation with Mezzo Production at the airport. The conversation was held with a cup of coffee, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We are presenting you Elena Vaenga’s full exclusive interview given to Reservin Armenia.

    A: - Welcome to Armenia. We are glad to greet you in Armenia. I am sure, that you will love our country in such a way, that returning back you will take only nice memories and bright impressions with you. Anyway, you will want to come back to Armenia again. How did you decide to come to Armenia? What are the main ideas? What comes first to your mind hearing or saying Armenia?

    E: - In general I do whatever I want. I love when everything happens according to my wish. It’s easier. Everything that happens in my life is either the consequence or the result of my decision. A long time ago, I intended visiting Caucasus. Caucasus has always attracted me with its traditional costumes, traditions, utensil, food and music. When I decided to commit my wish, there was no doubt, that I will start my visit from Armenia, then to Georgia and Dagestan. Yes, I do realize that 2 days are not enough to get acquainted with countries that have such rich cultural and historical heritage. Anyway, I will try my best.

It’s difficult to say something or associate Armenia at once. Mm~ let me think a moment. Ararat- this it the first thing that came to my mind. It was my own initiative to visit Armenia. It was kind a dream to come to Armenia and see biblical Ararat in my own eyes, moreover, from the Armenia's side. I know Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity. I am orthodox Christian and take my faith seriously to the point that from childhood I have been sowing into my son that he must marry only with orthodox Christian girl.

I don't like to differentiate people by their nationality. There are no bad or good nations. It doesn't matter, whether a person is a Russian, Georgian or another nation. Each nation has its strong and weak sides. But, the case of Armenia is a little different. I can't stop admiring your rich cultural and historical heritage. I do really hope, that many of you value the importance of old values. You had a powerful past. Especially, Armenians must always remember and value it. My first impression when stepping my foot in Armenia was that I must see and discover as much as possible in this country. All my friends who have ever been to Armenia have told me, that Armenia is such a country as if you are a guest at your close relative. This is true. Though this is my first visit to Armenia, but feels your country’s love and warmth just from the airport. Imagine, I got a bottle of wine as a gift just at the airplane.

When my granny knew about my visit to Armenia, she warned me to be careful as Armenian guys are very attractive .She was telling about this by her own experience. Her first fiancé was Armenian /laughing/.

It’s interesting, but on my way to Armenia I was thinking about the Soviet Union and its collapse. I am not politician as my sister is. Maybe, I will express my thoughts wrongly or emotionally, but I will try to explain it, so as our further talk will run in an efficient way. I regret that peace in your region is not yet established. The conflict of Nagorno Karabakh is not solved yet. In fact, this is the subject I have always avoided to speak about. As I have listened the explanation from both sides, the only thing I can say is that such old nations must protect their language, soil, state laws and land, create and build their own future. I wish you Peace. That's all.

A: - What are your expectations from Armenian audience?

E: - I must repeat and say once again, that to me there are no nationalities, the same goes for the audience. Audience remains audience, no matter which country you perform. If she likes your art, then she will come to your concert - maximum equipped and satisfied with it. And, if she doesn't like you, she won't come at all.

A: - Are you familiar with Armenian cuisine?

E: - I like it very much. I have many Armenian friends who are brilliant cooks. I started to think that it is put into your genetic code. The second thing, my granny warned me while visiting Armenia -to resist the temptation of Armenian Cuisine. She scolded me by saying to eat less. But how can I resist when my Armenian friends who are living in Armenia are calling, writing me by saying "hey Lena jan, the eggplant is already on the fire or we have already removed the marinade”. Where are you? Come on.

A: - I know that you love making surprises to your audience. What kind of surprises should be expected during Yerevan concert? Will there be duduk during the concert?

E: - Yes, I love to please my audience, and yes, there will be duduk during the concert. Duduk has always been in my songs, as it is kind of emotional instrument. Recently duduk has become popular and demanded instrument all around the world. There will come a time, when duduk will be as popular as Russian accordion or other instruments in the world. Many will consider it as their beloved instrumental. It’s impossible come to the country of duduk and not to include it in the accompaniment. There will also be improvisations with the accompaniment of duduk.

A: - The first song of the concert is always decisive and often determines the course of the concert. How do you choose which song will start a concert and generally what basis do you make of the concert repertoire?

E: - I am a person of mood and can often change my music playlist; I can change the entire list in one day. So it is difficult to say what will be the result in the selection of songs. I do everything spontaneously and sincerely. For instance, three days ago I was thinking to change my profession, and then I decided to change my playlist. Even called my dad and told him about it. I love to sing about phenomena and feelings that I feel and understand. For me, it is understandable and familiar to many social and public problems. As a rule, the worse I feel, the better I compose. Recently, there are few songs that are related to the feelings to men. Many of them are related to native soil, nature, the meaning of life, social and societal issues.

A: Few years ago, you became a mother, whether it had an impact on your playlist. Do you intend to include lullabies in your playlist?

E: -After Ivan’s birth, the first thing that came to my mind is to have two, three, four or even five children. I like children very much. They give me positive energy; they are pure, real and sincere creatures. Adults have much to learn from them. My son has changed my life a lot. I do not imagine my life without him.

A: You are in a good mood now. What can change Elena Vaenga’s mood?

E:-I am almost always in a good mood. Each problem has its solution. The only thing that scares me is irrevocable disasters, the death of relative or beloved person. Only that can spoil my mood. Everything else is temporary. I broke my leg it will be recovered, lost money, will be refunded. We should fear only from irrevocable things. I am scared of losing my and my son’s life, relatives and don’t scare of laws, but scared of God.

A: What is the secret of Elena Vaenga’s limitless energy source?

E:-I was often told about it.In fact I am a person full of energy, my friends are even joking by saying with the power of my energy the whole power station can work.

A: What does Elena Vaenga dislike?

E:-I don’t like fake, fake people, fake situations. Sometimes it happens, that in my presence people will start praising me and are telling detailed long story about my being talented and positive person. I hate such situations and feel myself at the kinder garden, where the teacher in front of parents starts praising to please the eyes of a parent. If someone drunk will give an objective criticism addressed to me, I will respect it and appreciate more than if a person who are complimenting me on my face for hours. As it is much more sincere and real. I appreciate sincerity very much.

A: Thank you for warm and sincere interview and once more welcome to Armenia. As you have mentioned Armenia is the first Christian country, where all guests feel themselves like at their homes.

E:-Thank you for the invitation and warm talk. See you at the concert.

Interview by Reservin Armenia’s special reporter Anahit Xachaturian


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