Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Quick and Useful with Anna Gevorgyan

Author: Anna Gevorgyan

Today we will cook a salad which is one of my favorite ones and I make it as often as I can. And if you make it without adding spices and mayonnaise, you can keep it for days in fridge. The salad is very useful and tasty, and the spices really taste great. 

For 10 people here is what you will need:

Cabbage – 1 - 200 AMD

Corn – 400 grams - 450 AMD

Carrot – 2 middle size -150 AMD

Vermicelli – 200 grams - 200 AMD

Dill – 1 bunch - 100 AMD

Mayonnaise – 1- 400 AMD

Salt/ pepper

Amount of money: 1500 AMD

Duration: 20 min

Boil vermicelli, you can choose every shape you want. As there are very beautiful shape vermicelli at the shop. The taste won't change depending on the shape so don't worry. The only thing is for them not to be very big.

Cut cabbage and grate the carrot and add vermicelli dill and mayonnaise










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