'The Server Smiles''. Arsen

'The Server Smiles''. Arsen

The first barmen appeared in US in the period of ''Gold Rush''. It's believed that the first person, who took this profession was an American Jerry Tomas.

Today barmen are one of the most popular specialists. Barman is a psychologist, an interlocutor, a friend and regularly an adviser. For this reason, for our rubric ''The Server Smiles'' we decided to emphasize a person of this profession.

Arsen is the popular barman of Van Gogh Art Café. The clients know him not only as a guy, who provides with drinks, but also as a real friend and an adviser. We talked to Arsen, as well as asked him to show us his working ‘’tools’’.

Why did you decide to work in this field?

I work in this field for three years. Although my profession is sport translator, I made a decision to work as a barman, though I’d started as a waiter. It happened so that I liked the service-filed. While working You get in touch with different people, and find new acquaintances and friends.

It’s difficult to work with people, who usually are drunk, isn’t it?

Being friendly is the precondition In any communication. When You smile, they smile too. In this case the blood alcohol content of your client does not actually matter. Sometimes the drunkenness helps You to open up and know the person. One of the most important professional tools of mine is the organ of hearing. You must be able to listen people, understand and sometimes to try to help. To some extent my work is very similar to psychologists’ work. That’s why I love it.

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

I have some ideas of having my own entertainment place, but they are not plans of that nearest one.


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