The new generation of Wine-bars

The new generation of Wine-bars

The social infrastructure of Yerevan with its comfortable places to drink coffee or have a lunch and with simple concepts like beer/crab or sandwich/fries, however, is divided into two groups, cafes and pubs. And of course, it's in case, if we're not about dumplings, kharcho, kebab or other transcaucasian pandoculture.

The cafes are not quite cheap to sit in and talk for more than two hours, and pubs are noisy, and smoked, puffed, because dozens of customers can sit for hours in the company of the smallest “Cilicia”. What to select from modern gastro-places, where at least it’s possible to hear each other and not spend more than 4000 AMD per person?  The problem would not be so important and urgent, if it was not an everyday phenomenon. It seems to me that the most convenient place for daily leisure is a “Wine bar". The tandem of cheeses and a glass of wine is great both for soul and wallet. No need to pay out for having a great time with the fifty year old respectable gentleman from Napa Valley named "Cabernet Sauvignon".

For example, in "In Vino" there is a little bottle of Australian "Shiraz Cabernet", which is just a wonderful choice for its modest price. Some cheese or a sandwich is being added to it, and in 5000 AMD you can also include the money for taxi to get home.

Photo from facebook page In Vino EVN

Naturally, you should not come here if you’re really hungry. In this case, a more convenient variant is "Wine republic", where spending the same amount you’ll feel completely full, but the noise will be a bit louder. In fact, after a few visits we will hardly become a skilled sommelier, but there is a pleasant chance to stay away from glossy taverns’ luxurious glamour and from the company of the permanent smell of fat diffused in the air. Sometimes the soul and the body simply require minimalist aesthetics, without any pressure.

Photo from facebook page Wine Republic Yerevan

Above all, the wine-shops have a unique buzz, some kind of a conversational noise + soft, pleasant music. Almost all the "Wine bars" has a very rich coloring and strong visual individuality. The simplest Bruschetta served in vintage utensils looks like a real gastromagic. Of course, today in the respect of aesthetics at the first place is "Voskevaz" with its wood furnishings and floral provence posters. I think there is only one drawback here: the staff's hyper-attention to the clients. But, as they say, let it be our only problem.

Photo from facebook page Voskevaz Wine Time 

Summing up my observations about "wine-bars" I must add that lately they breed as quickly as mushrooms, just like pubs used to eight-ten years ago. Obviously, because of a great demand. So actually, many of us want to enjoy a glass of national grape-wine after a hard working day  

Author` Diana Martirosyan


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Artak February 21, 2016

Shat haves texer en. lav el grvac nyut a!
Գագիկ February 19, 2016
Շատ հարմարավետ ու մթնոլիրտով լի տեղեր են: Թող բազմանան, ինչ վատ է?
Eliza February 18, 2016
el ginetun chunenk?
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