Innovations in art

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from 5 March 21:00

till 5 March 23:00

Innovations in art


"I can" studio in cooperation with AEON starts series of meetings with headline "Innovations in art of 19-21 centuries". During the meetings we learn more about differentisms, inovations brought by them, painting uniqueness of painters. The advantage of this series of meetings is that the participants will not only learn things in theory, but also will have an opportunity to experience and understand   features of directions through practical work, also master the painting skills.

The meetings are open to everyone over the age of 13: art education is not a prerequisite.


The theme of the first meeting is "Impresionism"

The classes are held once per two weeks.


The topics of the series of meetings,

1. Impressionism, March 5

2. Pointillism, March 19

3. Van Gogh, April 2

4. Cubism, April 16

5. Fortuity as a method, May 1

6. A dialogue between classical and modern art. Miro / Dada, May 14

7. Three-dimensional painting. Yervand Kochar, May 28

8. The combination of photography and painting, June 11


Classes will be conducted by

The founder of "I can" \ studio Arevik Dore

Coordinator and instructor of "I can" studio and project "Drawing for adults" Hasmik Hokhanyan

The cost per class is 3000 AMD. The amount includes the all art materials and accessories, as well as AEON’s permanent hospitality. In case of paying for the whole series at once, the cost for 8 classes will be 21 000 AMD.


For details and reservations contact on 060 273 000.


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