Mystery Guitar Night at AEON




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Mystery Guitar Night at AEON

This Friday, you have to find the answer to our riddle.

Every year, the planets are aligned with the stars in such a way that earth is set out of motion; for this day only, everything is backwards, upside-down and topsy-turvy. Cats are friends with dogs; children go to work and parents go to school; customers serve coffee to waiters; and even AEON is not quite as it seems on April 1st.

Can you figure out what has gone wrong on this day? All those who work it out, who set wrongs to rights, who help us find our feet, will be rewarded with a fun, backwards concert by the AEON staff of silent songs and boring parties in AEON at 7pm. 

Come and play our game on April 1st!

For reservation, please call 060 273 000:


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