About Us

The website Reservin.am introduces the international reservation system "Reservin" in Armenia, which already works in 8 cities of Russia. The portal is an attempt of introducing and popularizing the culture of online reservation in Armenia.

Our website helps to book tables in different public places of entertainment online. More than 450 restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, cafes of Yerevan found their ''residences'' in our  website.

One can find written in detail information about all important and interesting events in the ''Poster'' section of the portal. We also introduce the discounts, special offers and also information about vacant places in our partner restaurants.

The section "To read" includes specific cognitive-informational-entertaining content, as well as the information about some niceties formed in the service field, the methods and rules accepted by many countries, unwritten laws, and also introduces the skills for making the dishes, drinks with them and for service.

Visitors have the opportunity to leave comments, assess various institutions, to share their views and express dissatisfaction and gratification. Such interactivity gives interrelation between the institutions and the clients, which greatly contributes to the improvements of service quality.

Website is written in three languages ​​- Armenian, Russian and English. An online-edition and the best freelance authors and photographers work on the creation of the portal's content.

Reservin.am means high-quality materials, editorial independent approach, interesting and useful facts and a usage of the infinite opportunities of modern online-media technologies.


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