Absolut Caviar Day!

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Art Cafe Modigliani


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Absolut Caviar Day!

Join us @ Art Cafe Modigliani on March 27th and get your favorite Yin-Yang Black & Red Caviar Canapes with every single shot of ABSOLUT.!
2. live music sessions and unique tracks!!
3. Jameson Chingachung - get your Jameson for 1200 AMD only! -
4. fantastic handmade wall clock sale / exhibition by Army !!!! 
5. special discount and suprizes from Hin Areni wine factory !!!
Barrels of drinks, tasty food, unique music, and warm atmosphere!

For reservation,please call 060 273 000:


Поля, отмеченные *, являются обязательными для заполнения.

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