Jeremy Olander at Paparazzi Club 2017


Paparazzi Club


с 15 апреля 23:00

до 16 апреля 5:00

Jeremy Olander at Paparazzi Club 2017

Paparazzi Club presents another super underground music session, and this time we will have the chance to listen to another big international artist Jeremy Olander. Brace yourselves and Get ready for another top Saturday night.

Line up:-
Mike Joker
Jeremy Olander
Mad & Nancy

Strats 23:00 || Doors open at 22:00
Entrance Fee on Door:-
Boys: 3000 AMD || Girls: 2000 AMD
Face control: Paparazzi rules


Поля, отмеченные *, являются обязательными для заполнения.


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