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L'Orange Azur

Информация о месте: подробнее
  • Город Ереван
  • Район Кентрон
  • Адрес Московян 8/78
  • Режим работы
  • Кухня Европейская, Континентальная
  • Wi-Fi Нет
  • Места для некурящих Нет
  • Доставка Нет
  • Способ оплаты Банковский перевод, Банковская карта, Наличные
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Starting with only Café L’Orange in 2005, which has become one of the most frequented cafes in downtown Yerevan, and in the face of a large demand, the idea of a café network was born. To satisfy their customers’ needs in 2007 “L’Orange Azur” was opened. 

Located in one of the scenic parks at the very heart of Yerevan City “L’Orange Azur” stands out with its peculiar style and color combinations that create an “Azur” mood around them. The café is composed of three seating areas – two floors for those who like lounging on comfortable sofas in the luxurious interior atmosphere, and an outside seating area in the midst of tall trees of the park for those who would prefer to enjoy their cappuccino while their kids are playing on the playground or riding a boat only a few steps away.

The most valuable asset of the café is its renowned customer service. With devoted waiters and other employees that have been working there since opening day, the café boasts a unique service which makes its customers feel at home. “L’Orange Azur” has also become known for it surprising menu offerings; the food is very delicious and served promptly.

The atmosphere is livened up even more with the rhythmic melodies and contemporary songs played from CDs specially made just for the “L’Orange” chain. Everything at the café from silverware to ashtrays and lamps are in the same style and certainly emphasize the uniqueness of the café. For those who enjoy cocktails and strong drinks “L’Orange Azur” offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks prepared by award winning bartenders. And speaking of awards, “L’Orange” chain was recently awarded “Best Service” and “Best Restaurant Chain” awards as a result of SMS and on-line polls organized by City People.

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